We are teachers by profession and temperament.  Tony taught and administered
computer science at Tulsa Community College since it opened in the early ‘70’s.  
Judi taught 5th and 6th grade in the Bixby Publics Schools for 34 years.  Though we
are retired, we’re as busy as ever.

For years we raised good quarter horses.   Temperment was always as important to
us as conformation and athleticism.  We were blessed to be able to purchase
, a beautiful palomino son of Impressive.  Over time we gathered a select
group of foundation mares to compliment him.
We specialized in quality weanlings, successfully showing at Palomino Horse
Breeders of America (PHBA) shows.   Several of our horses were successfully
shown by other people.  Many went to people who just loved riding or working cattle.  
We often heard them say, "Breaking was easy.  We just got on and rode off."   
Beautiful, smart, and easy to train, that's what we aimed for.
Tony is a past national president of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America.  
Though we no longer own a palomino quarter horse and no longer feel comfortable
breaking big babies, we're still involved with the PHBA convention.  We'd miss the
friends we made through all those years.

One day a few years ago Tony found miniature horses.   He lucked into a small,
palomino stallion, 3 good mares, and their 3 babies.  We were hooked.  Miniature
horses are a whole 'nother story.  They make us smile every day!
Then we had the good fortune to meet Frank and Karen Johnson of
JoCo Miniatures
in Michigan.  We were sad when they decided to stop showing.  But, we now  have
some of their show and/or brood mares, including a national champion and a reserve
national champion.  We also have 2 of the last
Lil Admiral offspring offered for public
sale.  That's the kind of quality we want to own and raise.

What can we do for you?
1.  give you accurate, sound information
2.  explain behaviors unique to miniatures
3.  show you how to care for your mini
4.  offer for purchase a mini to be proud of
5.  offer for purchase a mini to enhance your show or breeding program
T-Town Miniature Horses
minis in Bixby, just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tony and Judi
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quality miniatures that are fun to work with and
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miniature horses
in Bixby, just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma
T-Town minis at play
small minis who don't
think they're little
T-Town miniatures in the weaning pen